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GI endoscopy, various reptiles

Stomatoscopy, esophagoscopy, and gastroscopy. A) Oral cavity of a radiated tortoise ( Astrochelys radiata ) demonstrating the choana and hard palate (p), fleshy tongue (t), and glottis (arrow). B) Air-distended esophagus of a burmese python ( Python molurus bivittatus ). C) Saline-infusion view of the green iguana ( Iguana iguana ) esophagus. D) Stomach of a savannah monitor ( Varanus exanthematicus ) with normal ruggal folds (arrows). E) Gastric hypertrophy in a corn snake ( Elaphe guttata ) with cryptosporidiosis. F) Leiomyoma (l) obstructing the pyloric outflow in another corn snake that presented with chronic regurgitation.

Courtesy of Dr. Stephen Divers.