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Important Poisonous Plants of Australia


Plants recorded as definitely or probably toxic to animals in Australia total >1,000. This chapter includes only those plants with a significant impact (Table 3: Important Poisonous Vascular Plants of AustraliaTables). The most comprehensive reference text on poisonous plants in Australia remains Everist SL (1981) Poisonous Plants of Australia. The general points made above on poisoning by range plants in North America apply broadly to Australian conditions as well. It is essential in many cases to confirm the identity of suspected poisonous plants by having a representative specimen carrying flowers, fruit, or both (or spores in the case of ferns) examined by a professional botanist, who may be consulted at state herbariums in Australian state capital cities. Several of the non-native plants (eg, foxglove, oleander) that are listed in Table 2: Poisonous Range Plants of Temperate North AmericaTables are also found in Australia.

Table 3

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