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General Signs of Disease in Birds

General Signs of Disease in Birds

  • Fluffed feathers

  • Increased sleeping or eyes closed

  • Inactivity or lack of interest in surroundings

  • Decreases or changes in vocalization or singing

  • Sitting low on the perch

  • Sitting on the bottom of the cage

  • Hanging onto the side of the cage by the beak rather than perching

  • Weakness

  • Losing balance, teetering, or falling off of perch

  • Walking in circles

  • Trembling or seizures

  • Changes in breathing, such as breathing with open beak, wheezing or clicking sounds when breathing, sneezing, tail bobbing when taking a breath

  • Discharge or crusts around the nostrils

  • Exercise intolerance (heavy breathing after exercise, or inability to exercise)

  • Eyes dull, sunken, or abnormal color

  • Drooped or elevated wing(s)

  • Lumps or swelling of any portion of the body

  • Picking at the feathers or body

  • Not preening

  • Changes in color, consistency, quantity or frequency of droppings or urine

  • Increased or decreased appetite or thirst

  • Vomiting or regurgitation

  • Weight loss (use a scale) and/or prominent keel (breast bone)