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Associations Argue that Veterinary Services are Essential During Pandemic

03/23/20 By
Merck Veterinary Manual

AVMA and the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) have created statements for government agencies that argue veterinary services should be considered essential and not asked to close during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Shane Ryan, WSAVA president, "We fully support the risk mitigation measures being introduced as part of the global fight against COVID-19, but we are concerned at reports from some of our members that they have been asked to close their doors. Veterinarians and their teams deliver essential medical care for animals, ensure animal health and welfare, and support the human/companion animal bond by protecting these deep and important relationships."

Read more about WSAVA's statement on veterinary medicine being essential at AgWeb. The full WSAVA statement is available here. AVMA's statement that veterinary practices are essential businesses can be read here.

In related news, Amazon has announced that they consider pet supplies essential goods and will prioritize them along with medical goods and household supplies in their warehouses in the US and Europe. More details on Amazon's policy can be read at Reuters.

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