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Mycoplasmosis in Goats


Evelyn MacKay

, DVM, Texas A&M University

Reviewed/Revised Sep 2022 | Modified Oct 2022

See also Contagious Agalactia Contagious Agalactia and see Mycoplasma Pneumonias in Goats Mycoplasma Pneumonias in Goats Mycoplasma spp produce a variety of clinical signs in infected small ruminants. Severe respiratory disease outbreaks with high morbidity and mortality can be due to Mycoplasma capricolumcapripneumoniae read more <i >Mycoplasma</i> Pneumonias in Goats . Kids infected with Mycoplasma mycoides mycoides (large colony variant) or other Mycoplasma species may show severe lameness with multiple hot, swollen joints, weight loss, pyrexia, and poor coat. Some have diarrhea or pneumonia. Affected kids are generally 2–4 weeks old. Morbidity and mortality rates of 90% and 30%, respectively, have been reported; however, they vary with the species and strain. Adult does with Mycoplasma infection may have mastitis and polyarthritis. Prognosis is variable based on individual animal and Mycoplasma species variation.

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