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Alpha-Chloralose Poisoning in Animals


Holly Hommerding

, DVM, DABT, Pet Poison Helpline & SafetyCall International, LLC, Bloomington, MN

Last full review/revision Mar 2022 | Content last modified Mar 2022

In late 2019, the EPA proposed registration of alpha-chloralose, an anesthetic compound, for use as a rodenticide product. Although alpha-chloralose is not commercially available in the US at this time, exposure to this compound may be something to anticipate. Clinical signs of ingestion may include dose-dependent CNS effects such as excitation, depression, tremors, hyperesthesia, seizures, hypothermia (more common in cats), salivation, miosis, ataxia, and coma (more common in dogs). Clinical signs persist for 1–3 days, care is supportive, and the prognosis is favorable.

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