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Content last modified Aug 2023

Partnerships provide opportunities to use content from the Merck Veterinary Manual within other methods of education. Please visit to learn more about partnering with us.


The Zuku Review is an online test prep service that helps veterinary students, technicians and veterinarians prepare for national licensure exams (NAVLE®, BCSE, VTNE). Zuku Review develops referenced, clinical practice tests and teaching materials that colleagues use to study effectively for their exams.


Via an online community providing everything from interaction and networking opportunities to multi-level online continuing education, VetMedTeam’s focus is helping the entire practice team grow their careers and provide excellent medical care to animals through team training. Courses range from free open-enrollment short sessions to longer instructor-led fee-based courses, such as our NAVTA-approved Veterinary Assistant Programs, to interactive RACE-approved vet and tech level scientific offerings. Visit to view the course catalog.

VetMedAcademy is a non-profit organization dedicated to curation, development and global sharing of veterinary curricular content. VMA  recognizes that the nature of general education had been transformed by the arrival of student-centered video learning resources. Accordingly, it seeks to emphasize the creation of learning modules designed for veterinary students highlighting short videos, together with targeted reading, and formative quizzes with feedback, organized on its customized Moodle platform, the most widely used open-source learning management system in the world. VMA makes most of those resources available for free or low cost on this system and its YouTube channel. All resources can be re-packaged and adapted for use onsite or on a university learning management as long as the instructor adheres to Creative Commons Attribution standards, acknowledging the content author and VetMedAcademy.



Merck Veterinary Manual is now partnered with VIN, the premier network of veterinary information. The partnership enables VINners to have access to the MVM within the network providing a resource for all species and disorders of veterinary interest.